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Vintage Edison in the KC Art District

Jim Ligon uses what he knows best, booze and electricity, to create beautiful hand-crafted pieces of artisan lighting.

Vintage Edison is a custom design lighting company that Jim Ligon started over 5 years ago.

Jim is originally from New Orleans where his grandfather was an electrical contractor. So it's in Jim's blood to design & create using electricity. He combines this with his experience as a bartender, making Vintage Edison sort of the intersection of what he knows best: Booze & Electricity! Jim uses the cool boottles with unique shapes and different sizes to incorporate into his custom design lighting for an effect that is both unique and beautiful.


Located in the Heart of Kansas City's Art District

  • Come see Us in the Art District!

    Locally crafted using recycled wine and liquor boxes and bottles from Kansas City's own JJ's Restaurant on the Country Club Plaza, bartender and illumination artist Jim Ligon creates stylishly functional, chic lighting and home decor for Vintage Edison. We would love to see you at our studio on "First Fridays", the first Friday of every month.  You can find us Continue Reading